Sasha Lopez ,his real name Serge Istrati was born in the Republic of Moldova. His passion for music made him finish among the first graduates of the Music Highschool at accordion category. After highschool, he graduated the Chisinau Academy of Economic Studies.

Sasha Lopez is not an average person passioned by music.Still from childhood he evolves in the career of DJ-ing and already being 15 years he is the resident of the legendary club Star Track in Chisinau, then takes over as the resident of club CITY where he mixes 8 years – until year 2005, when he releases under his own name  first mix in a CD format entitled “Club City Presents”. In 2006 he starts a new musical project “Studio One” with Tania Cerga. The project grows up to be very popular in Romania and Europe due to the original songs and its dance rhythms. After that collaborations were born with Tom Boxer (Lose Control), Fly Project (Wonder Girl), Vali Barbulescu (Send Your Love) and  Edward Maya (Out of Love). After all these experiences, Sasha comes back based on his DJ profession and in present times combines his connections and gigs from Romania and all Europe with a big number of Dance productions releasing them one after another.

In 2010 Sasha founded his own productions studio together with Vanotek and Evan, named “Bang Bang Production”. His first song entitled MADAM.

IN 2011 the megahit All my People is released in collaboration with Broono and his team then following the joining of Ale Blake so that all the shows would continue in this trio working collaboration until present times.

The single “All My People” was able in almost 1 (one) year to collect over 200.000.000 viewers on YouTube totally, and in short time, became a hit of the year 2011, the most broadcasted song in 20 countries, hit on beaches, hit in clubs of Europe, Asia, Latin America, Canada, USA. Surely it was one of the most broadcasted songs by the well-known radio stations worldwide: Canada, Spain, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria, Germany, Sweden, Switzerland, Croatia, Chile, Argentina, Venezuela etc. These are only some of the counties where the song reaches the position Nr.1 and stays that way for several weeks.

In 2011 Sasha Lopez is nominated in the “most broadcasted artist of the year on radio” category in Bulgaria,Canada,Ecuador, Spain and Slovenia.

Sasha and his team won Golden Discs in Canada and Japan for the biggest digital sales.

In 2012 the song hit number 1 positions on Itunes Dance Charts in Japan

In autum 2011 Sasha Lopez together with his vocalists Broono and Ale Blake launches a new single called “Weekend”.

It seems that Sasha has discovered the secret to the success.

It is a good start for a new single and it seems it will follow the success of the song “All My People”.

The video of the song “Weekend” was shot in Ibiza and its protagonists were 5 females from 5 different parts of the world:Brazil (South America), Senegal (Africa), Dominican Republic (Central America), Russia (Europe) and Thailand (Asia). Jackie Almeida – the Brazillian girl from the video “Weekend” is the worldwide image of the well-known club Pasha from Ibiza.

In 2012 the single “Weekend” becomes one of the few broadcasted songs in Spain and Latin America.

Summer of 2012 is the explosion for the project, with over 100 concerts booked and launch of the new track named “Everybody Feels Alright”. Sasha Lopez together with his vocalists Ale Blake & Broono, become one of the most popular music project Worldwide, reaching nr. 1 positions with the song in Ecuador,Uruguay and many other countries.

Collaborations with international artists and new upcoming songs in this basic formula are following and soon you will be witness to new surprises.

In present times, Sasha Lopez is one of the most in-vogue DJ in Romania, having a powerful impact over the Romanian and international music industry.